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cover page art by Che'

Gary, Rise.

A project that seeks to build and inspire local and global solidarity with the people and communities of Gary, Indiana to highlight their power and promise, and to address their shared challenges.

Within the overarching mission of CEEL, Gary, Rise seeks to bear witness to and shine light on the harms (individual, community, social, economic, and environmental) to the people and communities of Gary, Indiana, caused by the private and public sector, and to empower them to rise up through shared values to address these threats.


Our vision is to rebuild the City of Gary as the cradle of black civilization in America, welcoming and providing opportunity to all.

Project Leader

Cassandra Cannon, Executive Director, United Urban Network, Gary, Indiana
[email protected]
We cannot separate ecological crises from governance crises - from abuses of power to policies of violence - and it is our values that have caused, or can heal, both.
This project will seek to:

1.    Identify values that we wish to flourish: What are the values that unite the communities of Gary? That can lead to a
       future of life, instead a future of harm?

2.    Identify the threats and challenges to living in harmony with one another and nature: What are the specific harms and
       challenges to the communities of Gary, Indiana?

3.    Celebrate Gary: Who are the local leaders and organizations that live the values of the community?

4.    Build local solidarity: Who are the local leaders who can bring communities together to build local solidarity?

5.    Build a wider solidarity: Who are the regional, national, and international leaders and organizations that can share wisdom 
       and bring communities together to build regional, national, and global solidarity?

6.    Share the story of Gary to communities and governance systems around the world.

Let our leaders shine.

Each month, we will highlight a leader or organization in our community that lives the values that we believe can lead Gary to Rise.

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[cover page art by Che']

Che' is a member of the United Urban Network.  He has worked with different programs within the city of Gary, such as directing Live Up Arts, a summer arts and after-school arts program. These programs expand the artistic abilities of inner-city youth. 

Che' also participates in various mentoring programs through Kul-cher House, in association with Edgewater, Project Seed, the Act Program, and the Adolescent Chemical Dependency program. He also assisted in the YES program.  

Che' is a gifted artist whose work has been featured in the Post-Tribune, Raise the Wall magazine and has been exhibited in different galleries such as Colours, South Shore Cultural Center, the Cafe' Royale, and the Dubois Branch Library.

Contact: [email protected]
Gary, Rise advances each of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the work of the Ethics Specialist Group, IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law.